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Digital Menu Boards Made Easy

Our menu board app is the best solution for getting your digital signage menu content up and running quickly. It is perfect for your restaurant, cafeteria, coffee shop, auto dealer service area, or anywhere a menu of items needs to be displayed. If you’ve got a menu - we've got your solution.

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Proven Technology for Every Use Case

Pizza Shop Menu Board
Food Special Menu Board
Auto Shop Service Menu Board
Coffee Shop Menu Board

Static Menu Boards

Captivate your customers like never before by providing them with a visually enticing presentation of your menu offerings.

  • Get your menus up and running quickly
  • Personalize your menus with pictures, videos and animated backgrounds
  • Easily manage your menu’s pricing, descriptions and specials with a drag-n-drop interface
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Interactive Touch Screen Menu Board

Interactive Menu Boards

Make your menus fun, add motion and sound, suggest offers based on the items they touch, or just let them browse everything you have to offer.

  • Great for Made-to-Order, self serve kiosks, and reducing long lines
  • Ideal for large or complex menus that have several items
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Free Training

Learning new software can be intimidating. Don’t worry! We provide FREE training for life to ensure you fully understand how to navigate and control your menu app with confidence.


If you are experiencing an issue, give us a call at 1-877-607-0562 or fill out the ticket form in the menu app. Support is available 24/7 and is FREE for life.


If you have plans to grow beyond menu boards, we can accommodate all of your digital signage needs including standard digital signage, interactive kiosks, and video walls.


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